An Effective Body Paragraph is Like the Entrée In Your Meal.
Quote of the Week:" A single lie destroys a whole reputation of integrity." Baltasar Gracian, Spanish Philosopher & Jesuit Priest
Word of the week: Gargantuan. (adj) Huge, enormous.
RIF: main idea, plot and purpose
ESSENTIAL QUESTION: How can you individualize your Writing?
OBJECTIVES: Students Should be able to
- Identify ways to individualize writing samples.
-Work collaboratively to create the body of an essay
- Create the body of an essay by incorporating all the elements of an effective body paragraph.


Warm up ; Timed Planning / purple pen finish
Classwork: PP. individualizing the writing sample ( note taking)
Home work: review notes
Warm up: Color Coding of essay
Classwork. Group Activity . Building Background knowledge and writing the body of an essay.
Home work: none.


Warm up: Grammar Skill Builder.
Classwork:Individual work-- creating the body of an essay.
Homework: none

Thursday- Friday Thanksgiving Break. Have agreat time with your family!