An Effective Body Paragraph is Like the Entrée In Your Meal.
Quote: "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." Nelson Mandela

Word of the week: audacity(noun) shameless daring; boldness

RIF: Main Idea, Plot, Purpose
Essential Question: What Are the Components of an Effective Body Paragraph?

Objectives: 1. Include figurative language in draft paragraph.

2. Understand the components of an effective body paragraph
3. Pre write, draft, and revise an effective body paragraph
Warm up: Timed Planning Drill (Purple pen finish)
Class work: Draft to include anecdote and figurative language.
H/W. Find examples of figurative language in article
Tuesday: No school. Election Day! Encourage your parents to vote.
Warm Up: Spelling dictation of problem words
Class work:PP Effective Body Paragraph (Notetaking)
Warm Up:Timed Planning Drill.
Classwork: Effective body paragraph draft
Warm Up: Grammar Skill Builder
Classwork:Effective Body Paragraph( Peer Editing