Welcome To Mrs. Harris's Language Arts Class; Where "The pen is mightier than the sword."

Supply List

2 Duo Tang plastic folders (1st period -red, 2nd - yellow, 3rd -green, 4th -purple, 6th -orange )
1 pk colored pencils, 1pk post it
loose leaf paper/composition book
blue and black ink pens, 1 sharpie marker
WORD OF THE WEEK: Mundane (adj) ordinary,common,unimaginative.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK:" Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference."

Students will be able to: become familiar with classroom procedures.
  • Peer Introduction /Ice Breaker
  • Class rules and procedures
  • Parent letter and supplies

Warm up: Response to word and Quote of the week
  • Review of class rules
  • Writing response--- What are your expectations for the eighth grade? Use specific
details in your writing.. Complete using complete sentences
Warm up: Daily Skills / Grammar Exercises
  • Review of class rules and procedures

  • Creation and decoration of writing portfolio.
  • Autobiographical poem Ex. I am a boy who likes football, I hear the bellow of my
friends urging me to come out and play
  • Writing of baseline expository essay
  • Review of rules and procedures
  • Writing of baseline persuasive essay
  • Homework
Return all parent information sheets with required signature