...................PLANNING THE HEART OF THE WRITING PROCESS......................
Quote of the Week: “It takes a whole village to raise a child.”African Proverb.

Word of the Week: tete a tete (noun) A private conversation or interview, usually between two people.

RIF: Vocabulary—Context clues

Essential question: How does planning help in the writing process?

Objectives: 1. Create outside of the box thesis statement

2.Identify examples of SCOPE element in a sample research.

3.. Draft, revise, and edit a planning sheet based on a given prompt.

4. Incorporate elements of SCOPE in writing draft.

Warm up: Writing of thesis/ building Background
C.W : Identifying examples of SCOPE / individual activity
H.W : Bring article of SCOPE elements to class.

Tuesday: Warm up: Thesis practice
CW. Draft, revise, and edit expository prompt planning sheet and sharing of ideas.
HW. – Complete classwork.

Wednesday: Warm up: Grammar Skill Builder
CW: Draft, revise, and edit persuasive prompt planning sheet and sharing of ideas.
HW: Complete classwork
Warm up: Thesis Review
CW. Writing of essay draft (framework) using ideas on planning/ teacher student conference.
HW. Sound Bites due
Friday: Warm up: Thesis review
CW. Thesis Statement SCOPE Quiz.

If you do not breathe through writing,

If you do not cry out in writing or sing in writing
Then don't write, because our culture has no use for it.