Quote: “ The price of greatness is responsibility.” Sir Winston Churchill.

Word of the Week: Ennui ( noun) A constant state of boredom
R.I.F. Main idea, Plot and Purpose
Essential Question: What is the role of an anecdote in the body paragraphs of an essay?
Objectives: Develop an understanding of an anecdote and discuss its place within an essay.
2. Develop an understanding of figurative language and discuss its effect in an essay.
3. Prewrite, draft, and revise an anecdote related to a given idea.
4. Draft and revise a paragraph that includes an anecdote and figurative language.

Warm up: Timed Planning Drill (purple pen finish)
C.W : Power point presentation on anecdotes—note taking
H.W : Review notes on anecdotes

Warm UP: Grammar skill Builder
CW. Writing of anecdote /sharing.
HW. – Revise and edit draft of anecdote
Warm up: Timed Planning Drill/purple pen finish
CW: Writing of anecdotes base on persuasive prompt.
H.W : None
Warm up: Grammar Skill Builder
CW: Power point lesson Figurative language – Note Taking
H.W. Find examples of Figurative Language in article. Identify the Figurative language . How does it improve the writing piece?
Warm Up: Timed Planning Drill
C. W. :Writing of paragraph to include anecdote and figurative language.