An Effective Body Paragraph is like the Entrée In your meal and the Introduction is the appetizer; It whets the appetite.
Quote of the week:" It's not the push from behind or the pull from the front, but the drive from within." ~ John Wooden~
Word of the Week: dubious: (adj)causing doubt; questionable; unsure;
RIF: Compare and contrast.
Essential Question: What is the function of the Introduction in an essay?
1. Work collaboratively to draft, write, and revise effective body paragraphs.
2. Use planning sheet to generate ideas before writing.
3. Add imagery and elaboration to writing.
4. Understand the component of an effective introduction.
5. Understand the format and elements of an effective introduction.
6. Create an effective introduction and body paragraph.
Warm up: Timed planning drill ( purple pen finish)
Class work: Building background / group body paragraphs.
Warm up: Varying sentence beginning
Classwork: Independent Work.....Writing of essay body paragraphs.
Warm up: Timed planning drill ( purple pen finish)
Classwork: Power point .......Writing an introduction. ( note taking)
Warm up: Using modifiers in sentences.
Classwork: PP. Writing introduction cont'd. note taking and practice.
Warm up: Grammar skill builder.
Classwork: Practice..... Writing an introduction and body paragraphs.

If you do not breathe through writing,If you do not cry out in writing or sing in writingThen don't write, because our culture has no use for it.