Quote of the Week:There are no secrets for success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure." Colin Powell, American General and Secretary of State .cC Colin Powell

Word of the Week: Fluctuate(verb) to change, to ebb and flow, to rise and fall.
sentence: My mood is fluctuating wildly today. One minute I'm hugging everyone, and the next minute I'm screaming and crying.
R.I.F. Reference and Research
Essential Question: How does an expository essay differ from a persuasive one?


1. To analyze and read a prompt

2. Create thesis statements for persuasive and expository prompts.

3. Generate position statements for persuasive essays

Warm up: Daily Grammar Skill.

Monday: Power point presentation persuasive essay

writing.( Note taking)

Tuesday: Writing thesis statements for persuasive prompts.
Wednesday: No School. Enjoy your day Off !
Thursday: Early Release. Paired Activity writing of thesis.
Friday: Quiz on Thesis Statement.
Don't forget open house on Thursday!!!!!