..........AND SO WE WRITE ON..........QUOTE OF THE WEEK: " If I look at the mass I will never act, If I look at the one, I will." Mother Teresa.
WORD OF THE WEEK: --- Negligible – (adjective) tiny, insignificant.

Objectives: Correctly read and interpret a prompt.
2. Formulate thesis statements for given writing prompts
3. Analyze poetry for theme.
4.Relate physical challenge to the idea of heroism
5. Use TPCASTT to analyze.
Monday.Warm up--Respond to the quote of the week. What does it mean and how does it apply to you.Class work- independent work--- reading a prompt. ( Student/ teacher writing Conference)Home work-- Create a word splash with the word of the week. Use the word in a sentence.

Tuesday.Warm up- Grammar Skill Builder.Class work-Power point presentation on thesis statement ( note taking)

Wednesday: Warm up: Grammar Skill Builder.

Class Work: Constructing creative thesis statements

Home Work: Using 500 Horse Power Verbs

Warm up: Grammar Skill Builder.

Class Work:Analysis of poetry and creating thesis statements SpringBoard page 10-12 Home work. Research information on Nina cassian.


WARM UP : Vocabulary -- Use words of the week in sentences

Classwork Identify and use conventions in sentences. Prentice Hall Writing and Grammar page 188, 194-195.

- Review and practice of reading a prompt.-- Read and analyze the following prompt. Remember your ideas should contain no details.

Most students look forward to the summer break because it's their time to relax

and have fun.

Think about the many activities students are engaged in during the summer.

Now write to explain what is the most exciting activity you like to do during the summer.