The world has dark pages in its history, but each event in history teaches a lesson .
Quote “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Martin Luther King
Word of the Week: persecution (noun)
RIF: Vocabulary
Essential question: How can one person make a difference when encountering a social challenge?
Objectives: Students will:
1. Organize ideas in chronological order.
2. Establish a context for the Holocaust including the time frame and the major events
3. Use context clues to define vocabulary words
4. Connect to events in the Holocaust through allegory.
5.Use Map skills to identify countries involved in WWII
6. Understand and appreciate author’s use of flashback.
Warm up: Response to quote & poem of the week. (POW) I’m Nobody – Emily Dickinson Write your ideas and thoughts about the poem. .
Class work: Create a timeline of Holocaust events: Mc Dougal Littell (MDL) literature page 446. Map skills
Homework: None
Warm UP: POW
Class work: MDL. context clues and sentences page 447.
Warm up: Poem of the Week (POW)
Classwork: Web search Holocaust Terms--- ex. gestapos, anti - semitism, genocide, schutzstaffel
Home work: Complete classwork.
Warm up: POW
Classwork: MDL.The Diary of Anne Frank. Act1 scene1-3 Mc Dougal Littell page 448 -461
Home work: none
Friday :
Warm up: Paiedia Seminar
Class work: Connection of the children's book Terrible Things to events in the Holocaust.
Home work: none.
“I still believe, inspite of everything, that people are really good at heart.”
From The Diary Of Ann Frank