The world has dark pages in its history, but each event in history teaches a lesson .
Quote “It is easier to look the other way. But if you do, terrible things can happen” from the book Terrible Things by Eve Bunting
Word of the Week: loathe (verb)
RIF: Vocabulary
Essential question: How can one person make a difference when encountering a social challenge?
Objectives: Students will:
1. Identify and describe types of conflicts in a drama
2. Identify and discuss examples of irony
3. Understand and appreciate a drama
4. Analyze elements of characterization and sub plots
5.Use Map skills to identify countries involved in WWII
6. Create replicas of map to reflect Hitler’s march across Europe
Warm up: Response to quote& poem of the week. (POW) “I Sit and Look out” – Walt Whitman. Write your ideas and thoughts about the poem.
Class work: The Diary of Anne Frank. Mc Dougal Littell (MDL) literature page 464-474
Homework: Research ethnic cleansing in Uganda, Sudan Yugoslavia and write a one page report
Warm UP: POW
Class work: MDL. Page 475 .Thinking Through the Literature
Warm up: Poem of the Week (POW)
Classwork: MDL page 476-480 Act I. Scene 4
Home work continue working on research
Warm up: POW
Classwork: MDL. Page 480- 485. The Diary of Anne Frank
Home work: Research on ethnic cleansing
Friday :
Warm up: Padeia Seminar
Class work: Paired activity -- Map creation of Hitler’s March across Europe/ Creation of acrostic poem
Home work: none.
“I still believe, inspite of everything, that people are really good at heart.”
From The Diary Of Ann Frank