The world has dark pages in its history, but each event in history teaches a lesson .
Quote Society has always seemed to demand a little more from human beings than it will get in practice”. George Orwell
RIF: Literary analysis.
Word of the Week: Paramount (adJ) important
Essential question: How can one person make a difference when encountering a social challenge?
Objectives: 1.Understand and appreciate drama
2. Discuss how events in a story help develop the central conflict.
3.Identify mood and tone in a story
4. Create a vignette based on a subplot
5. Identify examples of symbolism in a story
6. Maintain a journal based on reading selection.
Monday _
Warm up : Poem of the week “ The Rose That Grew From Concrete” Tupac Shakur
Class work: The Diary of Anne Frank MDL page 507-512.
Warm up: POW
Class work: MDL. Page 489- 512 .The Diary of Anne Frank Act 2 scenes1-4.
Warm up: Poem of the Week (POW)
Classwork: MDL. Page 514 Thinking Through the Literature.
Home work : Journaling
Warm up: POW
Classwork: Presentation of vignette Spring Fling Preparation (early Release)
Home work: Journaling
Friday :
Warm Up: Paedeia
Career Day / Hitler’s March Across Europe.
“I still believe, inspite of everything, that people are really good at heart.”
From The Diary Of Ann Frank